A bug out bag- What is it?

Bug Out Bag or Emergency Survival KitWhat is a bug out bag, and why do you need one? I am not sure who came up with the name bug out bag, but “bugging out” means that you need to get out quick. A bug out bag is what you need to take with you, and it should contain the essential to sustain life. The three members of our family have bug out bags, and believe it or not; our dogs have their own bug out bag. It contains dog food, water, extra leads, veterinary medication and a blanket for them to sleep on.

What should you keep in your bug out bag?
It depends on where you live, and what your individual needs are when it comes to bugging out. A lot of preppers ignore individual needs when it comes to getting out of somewhere quickly. It is of course much easier to pack generic bags for all of the family, but that just doesn’t work. My daughter suffers asthma, so she needs her inhaler. If you have a person with diabetes in your family, it is important to pack insulin.

Cold or hot?
s your climate cold or hot? Packing a bug out bag in a cold country is different from packing one in a hot country. Focusing on keeping yourself warms means the same thing as surviving. Emergency blankets are good, but extra socks and warm wool or waterproof clothing are other essentials you should consider. If you live in a very warm country, your focus should be on keeping cool. Your bug out bag should include four liters of water plus water purification tablets. Light clothing is good as you would need to cover up from the rays of the sun. You should also pack suntan lotion and emergency dehydration tablets. This is important when it comes to avoiding things like sun stroke. Your Pets Need An Emergency Kit Too

Food in your bug out bag
What food should you put in your bug out bag? The food should be light weight and high energy. Dried fruit is good but remember to include cereal bars without sugar in them. You may think that sugar gives you quick energy, and this is true, but what you are looking for is slow release energy. In a worst-case scenario, you may find yourself walking for long distances and in prepping you should always prepare for the worst.

Should you pack weapons in a bug out bag? My bug out bag contains a knife which can be used for cutting up food, and if necessarily, defending myself. My husband does carry a pistol in his. I doubt very much that we would have to use it for hurting another human being, but it might come in handy if we would have to kill prey for food.


Should your car have a bug out bag?
The simple fact is that your car should have bug out bag. Our trusted 4 wheel drive has its own bug out bag. It contains fuel, oil, coolant, two spare tires and a tool kit. We also keep a small tent in the back which can provide us with shelter. Don’t forget to pack a manual for the car along with some spares such as air filters and brake pads. It may sound strange, but we have already used our car’s bug out bag to help somebody else.

I hope that answers the question; what is a bug out bag and why do you need one? Now, start planning your own bug out bag. Write yourself a list, and try things out. Your bag should not be too heavy but still contain what you need to survive for a couple of days.